Shirodhara wooden stand and pot are used for Traditional Ayurveda Panchakarma Treatments especially for Shirodhara. These Shirodhara Stands are made of medicinal wood, in different shapes which is available on 4 legs or on wheels with 3 legs. These Shirodhara stands are adjustable and there is provision for hanging the Dhara pot. Kerala Ayurveda has two model which are very popular and widely used by Ayurveda Doctors and Ayurveda hospitals.

Ayurveda Shirodha stand comes with a dhara pot. Which is made of Brass / Bronze with brass chain for hanging and it contains adjustable valve for adjusting the flow of oil as per the requirement of the Treatments or Ayurveda therapies. There are made of copper pot or natural clay pot are also used for treatments. But we have very good model brass dhara pot which is light weight and with adjustable valve.