Steam Chamber or Swedana box is generally used in Traditional Ayurveda Panchakarma for the purpose of Sarvanga Swedana. The Steam chamber is a wooden insulated chamber of approximately 7 feet length, 3 feet width, and 4 feet depth. This Steam chamber (Sarvanga Swedana Box) contains a retractable lid and an under lying wooden couch at approximately 2 feet depth where the patients are asked to lie down in case of lying type and sit on the adjustable chair in case of sitting type steam chamber. The inner chamber is connected to a steam generator where steam is produced and circulated inside the chamber. In Sarvanga Swedana, initially given a full body oil massage then the patients are asked to lie supine in the lying type chamber in a head out position.

Kerala Ayurvedic Health Care provide different models of Steam Chamber, which are with single door, double door, sitting type and lying type. We have decorated special Elephant model Steam chamber and most of the lying type steam chambers are coming with fully automatic or semi- automatic steam generator.