Kerala Ayurvedic Health Care is one of the leading Traditional Ayurveda Panchakarma Treatment hospital in Trivandrum, Kerala, offering Traditional Ayurveda panchakarma Treatments, Ayurveda wellness packages, Ayurveda specialized health care packages and treatments for Psoriasis, Spondylitis, Paralysis, Slipped Disc, Arthritis and all other main health care problems. It is important to note that only Ayurveda provides treatments for the old age treatments, called - Geriatrics.

Kerala Ayurvedic Health Care is leaders in manufacturing and exporting of Ayurveda Equipments, Ayurveda Massage tables, Ayurveda Wooden Droni, Ayurveda Shirodhara stand and Dhara pot, Vasti equipments, Brass Panchakarma Accessories, Wooden Steam Chamber, Electric Steam Generators etc. We are the largest exporters of Ayurveda wooden massage table from India. We have wooden products and also Fiberglass Ayurveda massage table, steam chambers etc which are specially made for Traditional Ayurveda Panchakarma Treatments.