Kerala Ayurvedic Health Care:

Kerala Ayurvedic Health Care is one of the leading Ayurveda Panchakarma Treatment hospital in Trivandrum, Kerala, offering Traditional Ayurveda panchakarma Treatments, Ayurveda wellness packages, Ayurveda specialized treatments for Psoriasis, Slipped Disc, Arthritis and all other main health care problems. Kerala Ayurvedic Health Care is one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of Ayurveda Equipments, Ayurveda Massage tables, Ayurveda Wooden Droni, Ayurveda Shirodhara stand and pot, Vasti equipments, Brass Panchakarma Accessories, Wooden Steam Chamber, Electric Steam Generators etc. We are the largest exporters of Ayurveda wooden massage table from India. We have wooden products and also Fiberglass Ayurveda massage table, steam chambers etc. Read More

Quality of our products:

Ayurveda Massage table and other wooden products are made on Wenga wood which is considered as medical wood. We have special processing in making these wooden ayurvedic products. It undergoes oil treatments for high durability and strength before the final products is made. We have best craftmanship for moulding the designs on the wood to prepare even custom-made Ayurveda Massage tables and other products as per the customer’s choice. Read More

Wooden Products

Kerala Ayurvedic Health Care manufacture wooden Ayurveda massage table with Wenga wood, which has medicinal value and normally in Kerala these wooden items are made of Wenga wood. We have different models of Ayurveda Massage table, Steam Chamber, Shirodhara stand etc. Read More

Quality assurance

Kerala Ayurvedic Health Care provides the best quality wooden massage table, Shirodhara stand, steam chamber and other Ayurveda products. We try to keep the quality standards from the selection of wood, process, treatments of wood and also in the final stage Read More

Export of Ayurveda Wooden products & oils etc.

We have exported our Ayurveda wooden and Fibre glass massage table, steam chamber and other Ayurveda products to various part of the world. We have exported Ayurveda massage table to USA, Europe, Spain, China, Taiwan, Russia, Australia and all part of the world. Kerala Ayurvedic Health care gives special importance and care for all the export products of Ayurveda massage table and other products Read More